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Welcome to the 53rd Australian Composite

Anti Aircraft Regiment Website.

On July the 16th 1943, Australian 2nd Army Secret Memo

A14310 was issued to raise the 53rd Australian Composite

Anti Aircraft Regiment.  On the 19th of July the Regiment

was formed in accordance with this memo... 

This website honours the memory of all those who proudly served

with the 53rd Composite Anti Aircraft Regiment throughout the Second

World War. The following people have kindly donated their research, memories, photographs, art and time to make this website possible:

Keith Delaforce, Howard Maher, Ken Rendoth, Andrew MacKenzie, George Mawhinney , John Venning, Tony Schesser (website administrator)

Updated 7 March 2010



 Headquarters (HQ) 103 Regiment

 103 Regiment Signals Section

 103 Regiment Workshops

 132 Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery

 158 Light Anti Aircraft Battery


Men of the 53rd (Ken Rendoth - "Bluey" NX172405, 3/4/2000)


Another link in the chain has broken

Now Joe has gone to rest

With Charlie and Humph and Marty

They were the very best

Now Joe he served his country well

In wartime and in peace

To teach and mould and educate

That was Joe Loudon's brief

Time was we lived as brothers

Close together day by day

Time was that forged those memories

That will never fade away

And when my time, it comes around

And God, He gives the word

I'll go with pride and pleasure

To join the men of the Fifty-Third

“This event (the dropping of the anchor) brought everyone to their feet wild-eyed and clutching life jackets as it had not happened before and the general impression was that the ship had been torpedoed and the bottom was falling out”.
George Mawhinney